Custom Lighting

Advanced Technology

We are fluent in many different technology languages and know how to work with every other trade involved in a project. We will help you consider how to light it, how to power it, how to control it.


Today, It is not enough for custom lighting to be beautiful. It must be an integral part of the space. It is a collaborative process.


We specialize in taking a concept plus an image and making it a reality. Using our deep expertise plus ability to develop a custom product, we are with you from the first sketch to the moment when the final lighting products are installed.

Why us?

We exists because we do what other companies can't, or won't. Let's make something brilliant together.

Nu Lighting primary focus is to provide high quality lights at affordable price. At Nu Lighting we have a wide range of lights and accessories to suit residential, trade and commercial customers. With substantial experience in sourcing the lighting products for various project scales in Australia, we excel in offering suitable products based on customer’s needs. We specialise in both wholesale and retail, for both interior and exterior contexts.

As a highly innovative supplier, we don’t just simply supply lights but we are also able to design and customise leading-edge products which create highest lighting quality solution. At Nu Lighting, we can provide customisation for designer lighting from small changes to standardised and advanced options to suit each customer’s requirement. We want to deliver aesthetic and functional products with exceptional customer service at the most competitive price.

If you could not find a product that you want on the market, please speak to one of our helpful staff member to get a customised product that can add more values to your property.

The following steps of product customisation put customers at the central:


The first step of our product customisation begins with product fixtures, which come in several variations; from multi-light chandeliers to flush and semi-flush options. It is crucial to select a fit design, to give plenty of room to customise the shade and finish later on. It is also important to consider the function of the room and its ceiling type, so ideally the fixture size should be around two-third the length of your table.


We also offer a range of finish choices with customised pieces. Choosing an appropriate finish will align the light with the rest of your home’s theme, whether it is a vintage brass or sleek polished chrome. We pride on our products’ quality, with the diverse variations of finishes, it will truly give customers a comfortably personalised atmosphere.


While most of our fixtures are designed with one combination, our shades are aesthetically crafted for our customers to customise. Whether it is glass shades or metal & linen shades, we are confident to give helpful advice for customers to add both the elegance and beauty to their rooms.


Choosing a suitable length would make the product blend in well with other object sizes in the house. Customers can input the ideal total length of the fixture, which includes the length of your shade of choice. A trick that designer uses is to get a string with a balloon and tape it to the ceiling, which will give customers a better sense of how the light’s size would potentially fill the space

Light Source:

Choosing the type of bulbs would depend on customer’s purpose. At Nu Lighting, we can accommodate bulbs of different lighting and shade styles. We usually recommend customers to choose a bulb of higher wattage to provide enough light for a living room, or less wattage for more relaxing, ambient light for more targeted illumination.